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School Bus FAQ

Where do I get the application and where do I turn it in?

                -Applications are completed online at or contact West County Transportation directly at 707-206-9988.

How can I pay for a Bus Pass?

                -Any payments to West County Transportation need to be in check or money order form.  No cash, please.

Do I need a separate application for each student?

                -No.  Only one application is needed per household. 

What happens after I turn in my application?

                - Bus applications take a couple of weeks to process.  Students will need to check with their bus driver to receive their bus pass.

What happens if I lose my bus pass?

                - Students will need to contact West County Transportation directly at 707-206-9988 to receive a replacement.  Replacements cost $5.00.

Does the bus stop at (fill in the address)?

                - Bus routes are available at

What do I do if there isn’t a bus stop close by?

                - If your student’s only option to get to school is by bus.  You may want to look into the Santa Rosa City Bus Pass.  City passes are free to any student with their ID or class schedule.  You can also try contacting West County Transportation Agency (school bus company) at (707)206-9988.